Parler Changes Brand After Firing CEO, John Matze

With the recent news of the Parler board of directors firing CEO, John Matze, it looks as though the Parler platform will be forced...

Parler’s Temporary Website Looks Like A Fox News Ad

Ever since Dan Bongino became part owner of Parler, there has been a lot of Fox News activity going on within the company. So...

MeWe Has Removed The Gun Emoji – No Joke

As MeWe ramps up its crackdown on Stop the Steal groups and what they consider "hateful" wrongthink, they have also gotten rid of the...

List Of Conservative Influencers Who’ve Left Twitter Post-Trump Ban

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, was permanently suspended from Twitter on Jan 8th, 2021. In the wake of this tyrannical censorship...

Talk Show Host, Mark Levin, Suspends Twitter Account (Not really)

It's all over the news. U.S. President, Donald Trump, has been permanently banned from Twitter. This has caused a major backlash from Trump supporters...

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