MeWe Has Removed The Gun Emoji – No Joke

According to leftists, cartoon gun emojis are threatening the nation.

MeWe gun emoji

As MeWe ramps up its crackdown on Stop the Steal groups and what they consider “hateful” wrongthink, they have also gotten rid of the gun emoji. Yes, you heard right, this is not satire. It was confirmed in a tweet from MeWe in response to Twitter user, @RealBootyEater…

MeWe Twitter

As you can see, leftist Twitter users looking for a “safer” space, have put the pressure on MeWe to remove the gun emoji from the website. And without any sort of discourse, MeWe simply complied.

In an attempt to satisfy the cancel mobs of their past “ignorance,” MeWe has come up with an excuse as to why they allowed the gun emoji in the first place…

The emoji has been removed site wide. As you can see, only the shortcode “:gun:” is left in places it once was placed…

Let’s analyze this madness…

Is the gun emoji the only weapon emoji that can threaten the life of a person? Wouldn’t the bomb emoji be far more threatening? How many people have died worldwide from bomb or knife attacks in the last 5 years?

At this time, MeWe has opted to keep all other dangerous weapon emojis that can still be used to threaten users…

Hear me out!

I don’t know about you, but if I was being threatened through an emoji, I think I’d like to know what type of weapon that person was threatening me with. What if the perp replies with a knife emoji simply because the gun emoji wasn’t available at the time? Thanks to MeWe removing it, I might show up to a gun fight with a knife! You see, folks, censorship is dangerous. 🤡

All kidding aside, if you remember, Apple was the first to remove the gun emoji back in 2016. Which then started a waterfall effect of big tech companies following that same path. Apple, Google, Samsung, Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft were some of the first big tech companies to make the switch to the “safer” water gun emoji.

It’s rather embarrassing to see that MeWe is desperately complying to censorship tactics by the left. Which seems to be an attempt to keep from being cancelled from the Apple and Google app stores. It looks like censoring the gun emoji is part of getting the Big Tech “stamp of approval.”

I’m not saying MeWe can’t be who they want, or censor what they want. However, it appears that they have succumbed to extreme leftists via Twitter to influence MeWe content and policy. If you are looking for a platform to express political ideas and activism that is contrary to leftist ideology, you may want to look for alternatives.

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