New High Powered Remote Restraint Perfect Remedy For Spastic Antifa Thugs

The BolaWrap 100 is a nonlethal device by Wrap Technologies to enable police officers to apprehend suspects without applying painful or lethal force.

The hand-held remote restraint device discharges an 8 foot bola style Kevlar tether at 640 feet per second to entangle a subject at a range of 10-25 feet. The BolaWrap 100 has already been reported to have been effective in a recent Police encounter.

“BolaWrap is the only remote response to resistance tool that ensures a safe space between subject and officer, does not rely on pain compliance, and is specifically designed to be deployed early in an engagement. Inflicting pain often escalates encounters, BolaWrap’s non-threatening form allows time to de-escalate and provide needed support.”

Usage –

  • Low level use of force. Intended to be deployed early in an encounter to de-escalate the situation
  • Not “pain compliant” – does not require pain to achieve compliance
  • Designed for noncompliant or mentally ill population*
  • De-escalates encounters, increasing safety for officers and subjects
  • Simple training, no special skills required

When dealing with Antifa thugs, Police should use any force necessary to protect the general public. While there are many applications for this gadget, this device makes for a great addition to the Police duty belt (next to the taser) to mop up and restrain these Antifa basement dwellers.