Video Concept Showing How Humans Could Live On Mars

International Design Firm, Hassell, has developed a video concept to show how a human habitat could be designed and delivered to Mars.

It makes use of modular robots to 3D-print shells that can then house self-inflating units. The habitations units can include a hydroponic greenhouse, solar power, and oxygen. Allowing humans to not only exist, but thrive in a martian environment.

“The HASSELL design for human habitation on Mars has reached the final 10 of NASA’s 3D Printing Centennial Challenge.

This NASA competition sought perspectives from outside the traditional aerospace industry to explore how a human habitat could be designed, and delivered, on Mars using autonomous 3D printing technologies.

HASSELL saw this as an opportunity to push their thinking on human-centric design with an approach that moves beyond the idea of astronauts as purely operators, to create a habitat where people can not only survive life on Mars, but really thrive there.”

With President Trump emboldening and investing more Government funds back into NASA (after 8 years of Obama neglect), it will be interesting to see how quickly we’ll be able to get a human on the surface of Mars.