Yes, President Trump Does Know Tech Better Than You

Trump's tweet about "knowing tech" is being overblown by those who hate him.

Trump I know Tech

When I write that Trump knows tech better than “you,” I’m talking about all of the armchair tech experts out there who might know how to navigate their iPhone properly, but also know nothing about building logistics, product development, running a business, ect.

This article isn’t so much about coming to President Trump’s aid, than it is about calling out 99.999% of all his haters who don’t realize that they have nowhere near his knowledge or expertise in tech. Their blind hatred for anything Trump says puts them into a position of reacting with shear emotion, rather than logic. Everything to them about Trump is considered bad.

The Huffington Post embarrassingly wrote up an entire article filled only with rebuttal tweets from ignorant Trump haters.

This whole Trump-tech situation started when President Trump made an off the cuff tweet in regards to securing the US southern border with the addition of a Wall…

If you notice at the end of his tweet there are a series of dots (…..). This means that this tweet is the first of two. A continuation. But that didn’t stop the many haters who don’t understand what a continuation is, from using this single tweet as the entire context of his statement.

If you were to react to only his first tweet, you might think Trump is saying that he knows how to program a NASA satellite better than a NASA Engineer.

However, here is the second tweet in context…

So when Trump said, “I know tech better than anyone,” what did he really mean? Well, when you read his second tweet in succession, it’s in context to building a wall. Keyword here is “building.”

We know that over the years President Trump has been very successful in building many large structures. A simple online search and you’ll see that his influence includes restoring many prominent buildings and landmarks in New York City.

Whether you are the engineer, the guy swinging the hammer, or the one painting the building, it still takes a lot of “tech” knowledge to make it all come together. You don’t simply say, “I want to build a massive skyscraper,” and not have any knowledge in the technology surrounding the processes. How many of you know the first thing about building a house?

Was Trump’s statement a little off the cuff? Sure it was. But that doesn’t negate the fact that Trump “knows” technology. He has to. It’s been his career to know the latest and greatest technology in the development business. And to know how to hire the most qualified help to carry out each project.

BTW, if you want to help donate to the public “Build the Wall” fund being raised by veteran, Brian Kolfage, you can do so via “The Trump Wall” GoFundMe page. They’ve already raised over 18 millions dollars!

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