Take Flight In Your Own Personal Aircraft With The Blackfly

So easy to operate that even a blonde woman can fly it! (see promo video)

Aviation company, Opener, has created a personal vertical take-off and landing aircraft called, Blackfly. It is already approved for public use in Canada.

The aircraft cockpit of the Blackfly can carry one passenger and is so easy to operate that even a blonde can operate it! Hey, I’m just pointing out the obvious. They are the ones who decided to feature a blonde women in the promo video piloting the drone. But I digress, just having some fun with stereotypes. ;)

The drone is already authorized for use in Canada, but operators must first undergo a mandatory flight training course.

The aircraft has eight propulsion units that sit atop of the two wings, and a ballistics parachute for added safety.

The built in “Return to Home” button will get the pilot home to safety in case of emergency. The “auto-land” button will ensure a safe landing.

Blackfly’s founding company is working to integrate the personal aircraft into a renewable energy network. The Blackfly will cost about as much as a standard SUV.

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