Find Out What Happens When Two Monster Magnets Connect

Is it possible to combine two giant neodymium magnets without destroying them? Let's find out!

Youtuber, Brainiac75, asks before conducting his neodymium monster magnets experiment, is it even possible? Or, will he end up with an expensive pile of magnet rubble?

Each neodymium magnet is 150mm x 50mm (6″ x 2″) in size, and has a pull force of 1200kg (2650 lbs). This type of force is enough to flatten any fingers if they were to get caught between them.

Unless you are a professional in this type of experiment and know the risks, DO NOT try this one at home!

Because the neodymium magnets are very brittle yet have a ton of pull force, it takes an elaborate setup to keep from chipping or shattering the magnets.

Using a system of ramps, wedges, and the manpower of two people, the magnets finally come together. However, instead of spoiling the outcome, I’ll let you watch the video to see what happens when the two magnets collide.

If you are curious, monster magnets of this caliber cost about €600 euro or $686 U.S. dollars per magnet.