Spotify Bans Ads from PragerU Due to WrongThink

Thousands of PragerU followers cancel their Spotify memberships in reaction to the ban.

Recently, Spotify has chosen to ban PragerU from running ads on its platform because it says those ads do not comply with its editorial policies.

Most free market capitalists would agree that a company has the right to pick and choose who it does business with, and many on the left use this argument to support censorship by the private sector on those whom they don’t agree with.

At the very least, conservatives ask that those policies are transparent and applied universally, regardless of political bias. Watch the above video and ask yourself, is what’s being said worse than say, NWA’s “Fuck the Police”? Or accused rapist R Kelly’s music. How is the creative license afforded to artists an acceptable violation of editorial policy while advertising that merely asks questions unacceptable? These are perfect examples of why conservatives have such a hard time with this censorship. It is only being applied to them.

As more music streaming services enter the podcast industry, the question of censorship will become increasingly important. Will conservative voices be completely shut out of the era of Internet radio? This surely won’t sit well with the general public or lawmakers and this kind of short term thinking could seriously damage these companies in the long run.