Talk Show Host, Mark Levin, Suspends Twitter Account (Not really)

Well, he "mostly" left Twitter.

It’s all over the news. U.S. President, Donald Trump, has been permanently banned from Twitter. This has caused a major backlash from Trump supporters who are leaving the platform in droves for alternatives like Parler, SayScape, and others.

Being the true patriot that he is, radio talk show host, Mark Levin, has officially suspended his Twitter account in protest of this outright diabolical censorship of the President. He announced it in a tweet…

Hold on, wait a second…

Fooled ya! His Twitter account is still very much alive and well.

It appears Levin thinks that not actively tweeting anymore via a self-declared suspension, yet keeping his account actively in good standing, is some sort of legitimate protest against censorship. Then there are patriot citizen that are actually deleting their Twitter accounts they’ve had for years. A real “suspension” is when Twitter takes action against the account temporarily or, in some cases, permanently.

Levin even announced his fake suspension on Parler. The hastily written Washington Examiner article he links to uses the words, “he has left Twitter.” I wish that were true!

What a kick in the pants this fake suspension is toward our permanently banned President and his supporters. President Trump had around 80 million followers when he was banned. In comparison, Levin is too big of a “twit” to let go of his measly 2.6 million followers.

Yes, I’m beating up on Levin. This is the same “conservative” talk show host who lectures his listeners everyday on the importance of freedom of speech, constitutional rights, and the dangers of social media censorship. Sure he’s got some great things to say, but this isn’t a time to cherry pick sound bytes.

I’m not surprised when the most banned conservative woman, Laura Loomer, calls Levin out for a post he made on Parler in regards to challenging “Big Tech’s fascism”…

Loomer mentions how she met Levin “over a year ago” while at Mar a Lago, and asked to come on his show to talk about her ongoing lawsuits against big tech censorship. She goes onto charge Levin and his producer for ignoring her and never giving her airtime to talk about her story. She even mentions being “blacklisted” by the Fox News Network, where Levin has a weekly special called; Life, Liberty and Levin.

I get it! Levin has a show to run. He is part of the media and needs to churn through the daily grind of headlines to draw in the ratings… blah, blah, blah. But that is no excuse. Not anymore. Our President has been banned from Twitter! Do I need to repeat that??

Soft suspending your account in protest does nothing but relay the message to your followers that it’s okay to keep supporting a pro-censorship platform like Twitter. Levin has the opportunity to make an impact. To delete his account, and to tell his followers to delete their accounts and never come back. Twitter doesn’t exist without an active subscriber base. Simple as that.