Man Makes 12 Gauge Shotgun Into Electric Slide Guitar

Why would anyone want to make a shotgun into a guitar? Let us count the ways!

What happens when you convert a 12 gauge shotgun into an electric slide guitar? You get buckets of fun with the “guitgun,” of course!

Rev. Peyton, of Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, with the help of an expert custom guitar pickup designer, birthed the “guitgun,” or “guntar” as some are calling it.

The guitgun is a 3 string electric slide guitar that you can play through any guitar amplifier. The firearm is a single shot 12 gauge shotgun. You can see the custom wound pickup mounted on the side of the guitar between the trigger and the fore-end. The guitar is strung with 16 gauge guitar strings.

Besides the obvious fun of merging two very entertaining gadgets together, just think of all the uses you can now get out of this multi-tool…

  • How about when the crowd starts heckling you on your guitar chops? A simple peppering goes a long way to turn a couple hecklers into compliant fans.
  • And how about those long boring duck hunts? You’ll be entertaining your huntin’ buddies while ready for action at a moment’s notice with the guitgun.

Rev Peyton Shotgun Guitar

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