Parler Changes Password Auth To Combat Censorship From Tech Companies

Big tech doesn't want the Parler platform to succeed.

Parler Email Censorship

Parler has changed their login/password authentication process to make it easier for Parler users to login due to ongoing email censorship.

Parler users can now simply login through entering an account password. Users who already have an account will need to create a new password the next time they login to the app.

parler password

Before the change, a one time passcode was emailed to the user after entering in their login email address. This was a more secure way to login, but also caused issues for users after many reported that they were not receiving the passcode emails and were unable to login.

The Official Parler Dev account made the following statement about the situation…

After updating our terms of service, some tech companies have started placing our authentication emails into people’s spam folders or failing to deliver them altogether. By Sunday of next week we are adding standard password style authentication so users can’t be locked out due to email provider issues.

The new platform is no doubt being monitored closely by rival tech companies who would like to see it fail. Companies like Twitter, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, ect, would love to keep cohesive control over the content that we see on a daily basis.

The Parler social news platform is founded by conservative minded individuals that have no intention of censoring conservatives, liberals, or anyone for that matter. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, who enforce leftist company ideology over their users, Parler plans to stay out of the micro-policing of content. The platform allows the Publishers and Users to have more control over what they see and hear.

You can download the Parler app iPhone and Android and learn more at

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