Twitter who? Parler Website Beta is Now Live!

Why haven't you deleted your Twitter account yet?

Parler website beta desktop

As Twitter continues to get more aggressive on censoring the opinions of subscribers, people are turning to Parler social media to get their daily news.

“Parler, pronounced: /par-lay/, is a Commenting and Social News platform that supports free expression about articles and content online. Read News and Speak Free.”

The Parler website beta is a big step for the platform in becoming mainstream and attracting more influencers and users looking to move away from the censorship of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Parler Website Beta
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Parler Founder and CEO, John Matze, mentioned that the beta version is still in the process of getting a graphics overhaul…

“We have a beta web version. Please forgive the graphics. We are aware it needs a facelift and are working on it. However we are extremely proud of our web app developer @matthewmatze for the amazing work so far!”

Parler is growing fast! And the development team has many more enhancements and features in the pipeline for the official launch expected to happen sometime next month. Usernames are being taken fast, so now is a good time to sign up and lock in your unique handle.

How do you sign up for Parler?

You can either download the app on iTunesGoogle Play, or… because we use the Parler commenting plugin, simply scroll down to the comment section below and click “Login” to create your own Parler account. Access the website version at

Be sure follow us on Parler at @Gadgism, and leave a comment below to test it out!