Honda Riding Assist Technology Is Next Evolution In Smart Motorcycle

This robotic motorcycle self-balances itself and follows you around.

The days of klutzes like Pee-wee Herman kicking over your Harley are over. A new Honda Riding Assist technology creates a self-balancing motorcycle for the uncoordinated among us.

Pee-wee knocking over motorcycle

The new Riding Assist feature is based upon Honda’s robotic technology to reduce the chance of the motorcycle from tipping over while at rest. No, you can’t order takeout and eat with both hands while the bike drives down the road by itself. To be safe, the rider still needs to be engaged while the bike is traveling at higher speeds.

The bike also doesn’t rely on gyroscopes to keep balanced as they can add a large amount of weight and create a more difficult riding experience. Instead, the Honda Riding Assist motorcycle uses the technology already developed in their UNI-CUB mobile chair.

Another feature that has people calling it the “Pet Motorcycle,” is the ability for the motorcycle to follow the rider around. Initiated by a simple hand gesture, the vehicle locks onto the rider with its built in camera system and follows along with a smart tracking technology.

Just grab a leash and take your dog motorcycle for a walk!

This feature could especially be useful to blame the motorcycle when your boss asks why it’s parked by your desk.

Honda Riding Assist

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