Microsoft’s Windows 10 Preview Hits 1 Million Users in Just Two Weeks

Windows 10

Microsoft must be pretty pleased with the reception of their not-even-finished yet operating system, Windows 10. Joe Belfiore has posted on the Microsoft blog that they had had over 1 million registrants in just two-weeks.

After the release of the polarising Windows 8 it’s clear that there’s plenty of demand for a new Microsoft OS – and the opportunity to be a part of the growth of Windows 10 is clearly too irresistible for some.

Joe goes on to tell us that around two-thirds pf Windows 10 installs are on physical machines rather than just VMs, and that over 200,000 pieces of feedback have been received through the Windows Feedback app. That’s a lot of feedback.

Microsoft’s new open and transparent approach to software iteration – by embracing the community – is a dramatic change from the “old days”. Certainly, getting the power users on board (after all, they’re the ones telling others whether they should use the next OS or not) is not a bad place to start.

Windows 10 Technical Preview already takes a more classic approach to Windows apps loading in an actual window rather than a full-screen monstrosity. Maybe, just maybe, those desktop users won’t feel so marginalised when it comes to the full release.

If you want to try out Windows 10 Technical Preview, then check out the Windows Insider site.

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