Parler Verification Badges Explained

Parler Verification Badges Explained

Parler provides various user Parler verification badges based on relationship to the platform and public status. Here is the breakdown…

Parler verified influencer badge

Verified Influencers are users with a large following who run the risk of being impersonated. These badges are to protect the user’s authenticity.

Parler Media partner badge

Parler Partners use the Parler Commenting Plugin to import all articles, content, and comments from their website community. Comments on their posts are mirrored between their website and Parler.

Learn more about becoming a Parler Parter.

Parler verified real user badge

Real Users are verified unique people in the Parler network. This does not mean the user is who they claim to be, just that they are Real Users.

*Real User verification can be obtained by opening the navigation drawer (top left 3 bars icon) and then selecting ‘User Verification’ from the menu.

Parler affiliate badge

Parler Affiliate publishers permit Parler to auto-post articles directly from their website.

Private Accounts will restrict their profile to users they do not approve for follow requests.


Now that you know how Parler verification badges work, read our tutorial no how to get your own account verified.

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