New Google study confirms annoying interstitial ads don’t work

Interstitial Ads

Do you ever find yourself angered by those annoying interstitial ads while browsing the web? You aren’t the only one. A new study by Google also confirms they are worthless and possibly harming your website’s traffic.

According to the study, the majority of users will completely ignore interstitial advertisements. And 69 percent of users chose to leave the website whenever an ad interrupted them.

“Based on these results, we decided to permanently retire the interstitial,” Google software engineer, David Morell, wrote in a blog post¬†Thursday.

The Google study was targeted at a very common type of ad that forces the user to close the ad manually before being able to move onto the webpage they are looking for. The ad in the study interrupted users when they would visit the G+ social network on their device and ask them to download the Google+ app. Only 9 percent of users who came across the ads clicked to “get the app.”

This study tells us what we already knew, pop up ads suck! Hopefully this will start a new trend for websites to stop using the annoying ads so we may all have a better browsing experience.