Here’s What Facebook Video Ads Will Look Like

Facebook Video Ads

For advertisers, Facebook introducing video ads into the newsfeed will become a most welcoming event. However, how will everyday users react to the new Facebook video ads? Facebook does have a clever way of getting users to tolerate the ads by allowing videos from your friends to auto-play. Plus, the ads won’t play audio until they are purposely selected (clicked) by the user. Personally I haven’t seen the video ads show in my newsfeed yet, but whether we like it or not, we will be seeing them soon. The first auto-playing ads already started to roll out as of last week.

As described via the Facebook for Business page, here’s what they’ll look like:


Here’s how it will work:

  • Rather than having to click or tap on the content, videos will begin to play as they appear on screen – without sound – similar to how they behave when shared by friends now. If you don’t want to watch the video, you can simply scroll past it.
  • If the video is clicked or tapped and played in full screen, the sound for that video will play as well
  • At the end of the video, a carousel featuring two additional videos will appear, making it easy to discover more content from the same marketer
  • On mobile devices, all videos that begin playing as they appear on the screen will have been downloaded in advance when the device was connected to WiFi — meaning this content will not consume data plans, even if you’re not connected to WiFi at the time of playback

Source: Facebook for Business

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