HQ Trivia Ignoring User Requests to Delete Accounts

It shouldn't be this hard to delete an account.

Delete HQ Trivia account

Having trouble finding out a way to delete your HQ Trivia account? You aren’t alone. HQ Trivia continues to ignore my requests after several attempts to contact them.

HQ Trivia is an online trivia game app where users can participate in challenges and win prize money. The app provides the option to create or edit account information, however, being able to delete an account isn’t directly available within the app.

There are various reasons for wanting to delete your HQ Trivia account, such as; maybe the game is glitchy or lags on your device… or, you could be tired of splitting a $10K dollar cash prize with 20K people… or, in my case, you choose not to support the host of the game, Scott Rogowsky, and his Trump Derangement Syndrome

Whatever the reason for wanting to delete your own HQ Trivia account, it’s considered standard customer support on behalf of the company to delete an account when it’s requested by a user.

My first attempt to delete my account led me into the App Store where I was directed via the “Support” link to the HQ Trivia Twitter profile. I left a private message and was instantly returned an automated reply that I needed to contact their separate HQ Trivia Help Twitter account for any support related inquiries.

Delete hq trivia account twitter

After several attempts of trying to contact the company through Twitter, I was still unable to reach anyone. So I dug deeper…

I found the app’s Terms of Use document and discovered that being able to delete one’s account IS included under the ‘Registration’ section:

“You shall have the ability to delete your Account, either directly or through a request made to one of our employees or affiliates.”

I then discovered via the HQ Privacy Policy there was an email I could reach out to in order to request an account to be deleted:

Should you ever decide to delete your Account, you may do so through the App, by deleting the App, or by emailing support@hy.pe.

So I emailed HQ support… on Jan 12th. That’s 5 days ago from the date of this article. Still nothing. This has been a common enough problem amongst users, that I was able to find a website with a how-to tutorial on the same process I went through.

Deleting an account shouldn’t be this difficult. I’ve got a hunch I won’t be getting a reply back anytime soon. If I do happen to get a response, I’ll be sure to update this post with any new information.

UPDATE 1/17/19: Sometimes going public is what it takes to get a response. Just hours after publishing this article, I finally received a response from the HQ Trivia support team…

Hello, We are writing to acknowledge your request to delete your account. Personal data that will be erased within 24 hours: We confirm that we will no longer hold the following personal data:

1. Username:

– Username and profile change entries

2. Password

3. Phone number

4. Avatar

5. PayPal email/account

6. Friendships:

– Contacts and contact methods (name, contact method type):

– Connections to friends’ contact lists which might identify user by name

7. Push tokens

8. Auth tokens

9. IP address during shows

Sincerely, HQ Support – For and on behalf of Intermedia Labs, Inc., HQ Support

Just to reiterate, if you are looking to delete your HQ Trivia account, simply copy and paste the message I used below (fill in your information) and email to support@hy.pe

Hello, I want to delete my HQ Trivia account. Please remove all
information you have on my account from your system (phone number,
name, ect).

Username is: [your username]
Account email: [your email address]


– [Your Name]

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