Radio Talk Show Host, Michael Savage, Launches New ‘Savage Nation Podcast’

It's the premiere of the new Savage Nation Podcast.  In this episode 1, a New Beginning to Radio Stardom.

Radio Hall of Fame inductee, Dr. Michael Savage, teams up with Westwood One Podcast Network through the OmnyStudio enterprise podcasting platform.

A New Beginning: The Savage Nation Podcast – 1/7/19

Times are changing when it comes to how we listen to our favorite broadcast shows. The days of listening from the am/fm airwaves are beginning to disappear as streaming technology continues to thrive. Podcasts are slowly taking over. Which is no surprise, as they give the listener more control on when, where, and how they listen.

Episode 1 of the Savage Nation Podcast begins as Savage reintroduces himself and his background while outlining his ideas for the podcast. He shares the “Virgin Demo” that he recorded over 20 years ago and sent to stations across the country when looking for that first opportunity in the radio business. Savage also discusses the writings of his journal from his, “First Trip to Europe” in 1963. He looks back to when he was a young man seeing Europe for the first time, and how he sees his younger self.

Savage said the podcast will be much like his radio program where he not only discusses the news, but also his unvarnished views on politics, media bias – both left and right – as well as cars, food, drugs, science, religion, and more.

You can subscribe to the Savage Nation Podcast through Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, TuneInStitcher, or listen on his website at