Transgender Threatens Gamestop Employee for Misgendering Her

Sorry bro, you aren't fooling anyone with that Barbie doll makeup and Mr. T attitude.

Gamestop Transgender

A video has recently surfaced of a transgender individual threatening a male employee at a Gamestop in Albuquerque, NM, after he mistakenly called the transgender, “sir.”

The video (see below) begins with the transgender individual asking for a refund and blaming the store employee for misgendering her for being called by “sir,” rather than by the gender that she identifies with.

The situation then escalates when a woman customer in line asks the transgender individual, “excuse me sir, there is a young man in here, you need to watch your mouth,” and “I can call the police if you would like me to, you need to settle down.”

What seems to be going on at this point (from what I can gather from the video), is that the employee mistakenly called the transgender, “sir.” The employee quickly realized that had been a mistake (based upon the hostile reaction of the transgender individual). The employee then went on to say, “you guys” as a means of getting out of, and diffusing the awkward situation.

However, that wasn’t enough to satisfy the transgender…

The transgender then threatened the employee saying, “motherf***er, you want to call me sir again, take it outside, I will show you a f***ing sir.” The transgender then walks toward the store entrance and along the way kicks over a pile of store merchandise on display.

The store employee at this point continues to apologize for the misunderstanding, as the transgender then demands for the Gamestop corporate number so that she could file a complaint for being “misgendered.” Shortly after, not satisfied with the situation, the transgender customer storms out of the store.

What does all of this madness have to do with tech news? Well, for one, we post news about the gaming industry. Gamestop has been a staple in the gaming industry for many years, and brings games and gaming merchandise to retail locations all around the country. I’ll be damned if I didn’t stick up for the Gamestop employee who was berated and threatened simply for an honest misunderstanding while doing his job.

How is the Gamestop employee supposed to know the transgender individual wants to be called by titles only given to women? Especially when the entire Poison rock band looked more feminine than he did.

Poison Band
Poison 80’s Rock Band

Personally, I believe that transgender individuals can identify themselves to be whatever they wish, and will I fight for their right to do so. However, just because one personally identifies as a certain gender, doesn’t mean one can force society and science to share in that same delusion. That is infringing upon the right of another individual.

You can watch the video in its entirety below…

Trans Woman Explodes, Threatens to Beat Gamestop Employee For Misgendering Her

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