Get your fix with Minipresso – the portable espresso maker

Indulge in your coffee bean fetish wherever you go

Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine

How often do you find yourself craving a rich, bold caffeine fix, yet you’re without a kitchen? Thanks to Minipresso, the portable espresso maker, you never have to go without your ‘presso fix again.

Minipresso creates coffee with the same amount of pressure produced by traditional espresso machines. A few pumps on Minipresso and the optimal pressure for coffee extraction is achieved, AKA: Voila! Your perfect cup of espresso is with you instantly.

You can also tailor the strength to your like – 13 pumps will provide a tiny shot of coffee, 18 will give you a scrumptious espresso and 28 pumps will earn you a double espresso and some smashing arm muscles.

While on the go, the pump can be easily locked in place and Minipresso is unbelievably compact. This versatile and uber transportable hand-held coffee machine has just made the daily grind much more bearable. Don’t be afraid to “espresso” yourself ever again.

You can purchase the Minipresso for only $77.69 via

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