Is Amazon planning a drive-up grocery store service?

Amazon Grocery Store

According to a recent report by the SVBJ, Amazon may be in the planning stages of an actual drive-up grocery store service. The e-commerce giant has all the financial backing and reason to pull it off. With an economy continually moving toward what’s more quick and convenient, ordering groceries online in the comfort of your home may become the norm.

A real estate developer has submitted plans for a new 11,600 sq. ft. building and grocery pickup area at 777 Saratoga Rd, Sunnyvale, CA. This is the rumored location, however, Amazon itself is not named in the planning documents.

So far the third party developer, Oppidan Investment Co., has declined to talk about the project. As well, city officials were not able to confirm Amazon’s identity as the tenant. Sources via Silicon Valley Business Journal claim that Amazon is moving forward with the project and perhaps may eventually spread to many locations within the Silicon Valley.