Roam Mobility Introduces New Snowbird Talk+Text Plan


Roam Mobility continues to find ways to shake up the Canadian roaming industry, as they’ve just announced what they claim is North America’s lowest priced wireless service with its new Snowbird Talk+Text plan. For $19.95 a month, you’ll get unlimited US talk, global texting, and long distance calls to Canada. That’s 67 cents per day for unlimited everything, with exception of data.

“Our goal has always been to make roaming an afterthought, so we’re pleased to provide Canadians living part-time in the U.S. with the lowest priced Tier 1 service in North America,” said Emir Aboulhosn, founder and CEO of Roam Mobility.

“For less than $1 a day, Canadians can stay connected with their American friends as well as call family and friends back home in Canada; at a price that would make any American jealous and wondering why they can’t get the same deal.”

If data is a necessity for you. you can get the Snowbird Talk+Text+Data plan. which includes 2GB of 4G data, unlimited 2G data, as well as unlimited talk and text for $39.95 per month. The only caveat with the Snowbird Plans are a minimum 3-month purchase, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re accustomed to spending your winter months in the Sun Belt region of the southern and southwest United States!