Industry Canada’s Latest Wireless Policy Video Paints Positive Changes


Industry Canada has started promoting their latest Wireless Policy video today via their YouTube account . The video paints a positive outlook to changes implemented to The CRTC Wireless Code back in December.

Wireless services in Canada are getting better, becoming faster and with even more choice.

The half minute ad will most likely be making rounds on Canadian television over the next few weeks, and emphasizes a few of the recent CRTC Wireless Code announcements that James Moore (Minister of Industry) and his team are happy about: 15-day trial periods for testing devices, removal of 3-year contracts, reducing data roaming plans, and including notifications of potential overages.

These videos seem to be a continuation of their “More Choices” campaign that first started back when Verizon was rumored to entering Canadian wireless industry.

Have you experienced more choice, lower prices and better service from your wireless provider since these changes have been implemented, or are things with your Canadian carrier harder than ever?

Source: YouTube/Industry Canada