Sennheiser Reveals MOMENTUM Ivory


Today at CES 2014, Sennheiser is expanding it’s world famous headphone range with the launch of it’s newest audiophile headphone, the MOMENTUM Ivory. The MOMENTUM brand of headphones is not something new for Sennheiser, as they have been available for quite some time in Brown and Black, and in several other colors for the lower-cost MOMENTUM Over-Ear headphones.

The MOMENTUM Ivory comes with ivory-coloured ear cups, which compliments the tan leather headband and the iconic stainless steel headband slider, giving the overall product a lighter tone than what we have come to know of MOMENTUM in the past.

MOMENTUM provides you with closed circumaural headphone design, isolating against ambient noise that would typically hinder your audio listening experience. The Kevlar-crafted heat and acid resistant audio cable give you a stylish and secure audio experience. MOMENTUM’s in-line control unit, specifically designed to support iDevices, will make your transition from musical enjoyment to answering a call from a loved one an enjoyable experience.

We have sought to achieve something new in the world of headphones by combining uncompromising sound quality with the finest materials, and a distinct, pure design. We’ve reimagined the concept of a contemporary, urban style with a classic, timeless feel.

If previous versions of MOMENTUM are any indication, you can expect to find MOMENTUM Ivory in your local retailer with a price tag of $300-400 later this month.