LG To Unveil WebOS-based Smart TV With ‘Cards’ Navigation


WebOS might finally be getting its much needed revival, courtesy of LG’s upcoming TV lineup that is being unveiled at CES 2014.

When LG Electronics aquired WebOS from HP back in February 2013, it was made clear that this OS was going to be used for their next iteration of Smart TVs. WebOS was previously used on Palm/HP’s smartphone and tablets that came to market between 2009-2012, which included the Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, Palm Veer and the HP TouchPad.

Earlier this week, an anonymous source told the Wall Street Journal that LG’s first revised version of the OS will include the Cards interface, which has been imitated to some extent in Apple, Google, BlackBerry & Microsoft’s most recent OS platforms.

LG has not released much details regarding their upcoming line of Smart TVs, but you can expect internals to include a 2.2GHz dual-core processor and 1.5GB of RAM.

Update: The first alleged image of LG’s WebOS TV has leaked online, courtesy of @EVLeaks

Source: WSJ/The Verge