Free Mobile Calls With BT SmartTalk

BT SmartTalk

BT are offering a new way for their customers to save money by providing a mobile app that uses your inclusive minutes on your land line instead of your mobile minutes.

By downloading the app, you can make calls to a host of numbers such as freephone 0800 numbers and non-geographic rate 0845 and 0870 numbers. This is a real bonus for mobile users as those numbers are generally a lot more expensive to call on mobile tariffs than from a landline. As this is using your inclusive minutes and calling plan – those numbers may even be free.

The SmartTalk app can be installed on up to 5 mobile devices so this should easily cover your family members. Whenever you want to make a call, simply load up the app and select a contact or dial a number. The call is then made over wifi or your mobile data connection, and appears on your regular landline bill at the end of the month. This gives the extra benefit of allowing you to call from anywhere in the world over wifi without incurring mobile roaming charges.

As an added incentive, BT are also providing 60 minutes free if you sign up before 31st January.

The app is available through for Android devices through Google Play and iOS devices in App Store. We can also confirm that the Android app also works on BlackBerry 10 devices.

More information can be found at BT’s SmartTalk page.

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