Instagram Announces “Instagram Direct” Share Direct With Your Friends

Instagram Direct

Instagram has shown off its revolutionary new feature – direct sharing to others with Instagram Direct.

The new version of Instagram allows you to share pictures and videos direct to your followers by letting you choose up to 15 of your favourites. Instagram have created a new look inbox so that you can interact with your friends by having a discussion around this ‘moment’ that you’ve shared. If your friend isn’t following you – you’ll see a pending request that will mean that you can still receive an Instagram moment – just in case you have forgotten to follow someone or didn’t know that they were on Instagram.

Interestingly, Instagram Direct also brings in a BBM-like feature where you can see when your direct shares have been seen by your buddies. Instagram has also freshened up the UI for the iOS version to bring it in line with the iOS 7 design.

The new version should be rolling out in the Apple and Google app stores very soon. Keep an eye on Gadgism for a hands on with the new features.