How to Make a Mini Cardboard Box Theater Room

Mini Theater from Cardboard Box

So you’ve been clamoring to put together that private theater room you’ve always dreamed about, but you’re short on cash and won’t have the funds for awhile to purchase all that high tech audio and video gear. No worries, we’ve got the perfect temporary solution for you…

Your own private mini cardboard box theater room!

Yep, someone has cleverly managed to put together a quick step-by-step picture tutorial showing you how to build your very own mini cardboard box theater. All you need is some scissors, tape, a box, your phone or tablet, and to follow these 4 simple steps:

  1.  Grab a box, cut out holes for head and for media device and tape box back together.
  2.  Place the media device on box.
  3.  Place box with media device over head.
  4.  Walla! Now you can enjoy the dark and secluded atmosphere of your own mini private theater.

I for one find it rather genius. However, the only problem I see is no way to snack on popcorn while you watch. Perhaps the rig could be modified with an open and close slot on the side where the hand can enter to feed the mouth. And a super long straw to suck down your favorite soda pop.