CHARGEKEY – The Charging Cable That’ll Never Leave Your Side

 ChargeKey Micro USB


You never forget the time you were out somewhere and your phone vibrates to say you’re battery is going to die very soon, but your charger is nowhere to be found! Enter NOMAD, a San Francisco Bay Area startup that is trying to make your charging methods more accessible. Last year, they introduced CHARGECARD, a credit card sized charging cable that fit in your wallet. This year, they’re shaking things up once again by releasing CHARGEKEY, a keychain-based charging cable that’ll always be near your side.

The CHARGEKEY comes with a sturdy 3mm thick flexible rubber body, with two hard plastic ends for the encompassed connections. On bottom end, you’ll find a thin USB connector that can be plugged into desktop, laptop, wall charger or even your battery bank. The upper portion, you’ll Lightning/MicroUSB (depending on model purchased) connector for data syncing and charging. The included thick keychain loop will guarantee that your CHARGEKEY will stay attached to your keys. On many occasions I found myself happy to have a charger attached to my keys, as most of my time during the day is spent away from home & it was great to have a quick charging option without having to carry a bag with all my electronic peripherals.

With 3.1-amp charging, the CHARGEKEY will guarantee that it’ll withstand the charging needs of your smartphone, phablet & tablet collection.

Although convenience is one of the largest key selling points for the CHARGEKEY, the sturdiness of the cable also brought some negativity to the overall use. Attempting to connect the cable to your wall charger will leave your smartphone dangling without much support.

Nomad’s design of the CHARGEKEY is intended to make it a cable that you always have on you, not to replace your charging cable around the house. If you take that in to account, CHARGEKEY has succeeded at it’s ultimate goal.

You can purchase a CHARGEKEY for yourself—available in both MicroUSB and Lightning versions— online for $29.

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