Onewheel Electric Skateboard Brings Us One Step Closer To Hoverboards


Sure it’s not the hoverboard you’ve seen on the movie Back to the Future, but the Onewheel Electric Skateboard is designed to give you that feeling like you are gliding above ground. By using advanced motion sensors and sophisticated algorithms to help balance and control the ride, a simple lean forward or backward will get you moving. The makers describe the feeling of riding around on the Onewheel as:

“Riding Onewheel is like surfing or snowboarding — no ocean or mountain required. It gives you that sublime feeling of snowboarding on a fresh powder day. Or that rush when you surf the perfect wave. Except you can do it anyday, anywhere.”

Onewheel Skateboard

According to those who have tried it, most people can learn to ride around on the Onewheel in short time even if they aren’t experienced in boardsports. The board can go as fast as 12 MPH and go from four to six miles on a single charge on a lithium battery, which lasts about 20 minutes of ride time. Charging the board takes about 2 hours, or 20 minutes with an “ultra” charger. The Onewheel will also work on wet pavement and hold a rider up to 250 lbs.

You can get your own board this September by putting in at least $1,299 to the project’s Kickstarter campaign.

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