Parrot MiniDrone Can Fly Along Ceilings And Climb Up The Walls

Parrot MiniDrone

French Bluetooth company, Parrot, has brought out a new flying contraption at CES this year called the Parrot MiniDrone. The MiniDrone is an upgrade from the current AR.Drone 2.0 series, and differs in some very nice ways. The MiniDrone is smaller, lighter, quick, and easier to fly thanks to the on-board autopilot and various sensors being controlled via bluetooth on a smartphone or tablet.

This year’s model comes with some removable wheels which will let you maneuver the drone across walls and ceilings. The Parrot MiniDrone will become available in 2014 to be sold at a currently unknown price. Check out the video below to see a nice demo of the device in action:

Parrot MiniDrones Jumping Sumo & Rolling Spider