Archos Reveals Connected Home and Connected Self Series Prior To CES

ARCHOS _Connected Objects

CES 2014 is shaping up to be huge this year. Archos has announced they’ll unveil two series of connected devices, Connected Home and Connected Self series.

The Connected Home series will make create a home environment that will be triggered by your actions and movements, and include a 7” home gateway tablet. With the use of Bluetooth Low Energy, you can expect these devices to withstand your busy lifestyle with their long-lasting battery life.

ARCHOS’ ecosystem of Connected Home Objects, including a mini cam, motion ball, movement tag, weather tag and smart plug, adhere to the tenet that innovative solutions should be easy to use, unobtrusive and efficient.

In conjunction with the Connected Home series, ARCHOS will also unveil a Weather Station that will provide indoor/outdoor temperature details, including CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure and environmental noise levels. The Weather Station app will allow you to access  all this weather-related information of your surroundings from the comfort of your favorite lounging spot in the house.

The Connected Self series of products will have a goal of increasing your motivation. This series will include a Connected Scale, Activity Tracker & Blood Pressure Monitor.

And if you think that’s already a plethora of unveilings, let’s not forget to mention that they’ll also be unveiling a selection of Pebble-like smartwatches starting at a price tag of £50 ($80).

Source: Archos