Prong Unveils “PWR” Case: World’s First All-in-One Power Solution for iPhone 5/5s

 PWR Case

The days of being on the go, looking at your iPhone, seeing your battery running low and knowing that you will soon have a dead phone are about to end. Prong, the company changing the way that smartphones get charged, today announced that the Prong PWR Case is now available for pre-order and will launch at Best Buy this summer. The innovative protective case is the world’s first all-in-one power solution for iPhone 5/5s and compactly provides everything needed to easily recharge anywhere at any time.

The Prong PWR Case includes a detachable backup battery and integrated plugs for charging in any outlet. The backup battery is easily detachable and can be recharged without any additional accessories while the smartphone remains with the user, safe in the inner-protective bumper. No matter how much someone uses their phone, they can have power all day with the Prong PWR case and their phone never has to leave their side. The battery can be detached and plugged into any outlet to be recharged whenever needed. Once the back-up battery is charged, it quickly reconnects to the back of the case and the phone can then be recharged while on the go.

“The Prong PWR Case will change the way that iPhone users recharge their phones as they will now always have a charger and extra battery with them, built directly into their case,” said Jesse Pliner, co-founder of Prong. “It’s never been easier to keep your phone charged while on the go and launching at Best Buy will help make it simple for consumers to get the Prong PWR Case this summer.”

Combining portability and practicality, the Prong PWR Case boasts a sleek, cutting edge design with a retractable A/C plug that folds flat when not in use. The case is highly durable and rugged, to protect the iPhone from damage. Engineered with advanced “Quick Charge Technology”, the case delivers a hyper-fast charge in the most portable form possible and provides power all day long to satisfy even the most demanding iPhone users. It also comes with a Micro USB port and included cable to recharge in a car, at a desk or anywhere with a USB outlet.

The Prong PWR Case, with 1500 Mah capacity, available in black, white, blue-grey and white-pink, will ship in Summer 2014 can be pre-ordered now for a special price of $65. At launch the case will be upped in price to $79.99.