Nokia Lumia Icon Makes Brief Appearance On Verizon Website

Nokia Lumia Icon

Nokia is in the works on releasing a new 5 inch device for Verizon called the Nokia Lumia Icon. This news was discovered recently by way of a classic screwup, in which Verizon accidentally listed the upcoming device on a test website at a $777.00 price tag. At the moment the webpage has been taken down, although the URL still redirects to a generic mobile phone category page.

This Nokia Lumia Icon has already leaked under the Lumia 929 name, but it looks like Verizon plans to rebrand this one for their own US stores. As far as device specs go, we know that the 5 inch smartphone will come equipped with a 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2420 mAh battery, and 20 megapixel camera, according to the information listed on Verizon’s website before it was pulled down.

Source: TheVerge