Top 10 Free iPad Apps To Get Started With

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You’ve gotten that new iPad Mini or iPad Air, but you just aren’t sure what apps you should download first. Here is a list of some of the top free iPad apps to to get you up and running with the rest of us:

1. Netflix (Free) – Netflixing on the tablet before bed is one of my favorite pastimes. This is the sort of thing the iPad was made for.

2. YouTube (Free) – The best way to watch cat videos on the go. YouTube doesn’t come bundled with iOS like it used to, but that’s fine because the app has a ton more useful features and is better looking now.

3. Angry Birds Go! (Free) – This latest of the Angry Bird series is like the Mario Cart of Angry Birds as you race around and defeat the Bad Piggies in a 3D world. Definitely a more interactive fast paced experience that Angry Birds fans will enjoy.

4. iBooks (Free) – It’s super easy to grab book titles from Apple’s book store. The app offers several options as far as text size, font, and colors go. If you’re already a Kindle user, you may prefer the Kindle app though.

5. Facebook (Free) – If you’ve got a Facebook account, you should install the Facebook app. We do find it still crashes on occasion, but the iPad experience is definitely superior on the app than on the website.

6. Twitter (Free) – Unless you’re a Twitter power user, Twitter’s own iPad app will serve your 140-character messaging needs just fine – especially if that’s what you already use on the Mac and your iPhone.

7. Candy Crush Saga (Free) – If you haven’t played this game yet, be careful: It’s unapologetically addictive. Flip colorful candies around onscreen to make matches, earn points, and unlock boosters in this saccharine puzzle game.

8. IMDB (Free) – You’ll be watching movies on your iPad, and you’ll inevitably have questions like, “Wait, what else was that actor in?” Be prepared with IMDB’s extensive iPad-optimized database of cinematic information.

9. Rdio (Free) – Rdio is tops when it comes to discovering new music, although if you’re more into the classics, Spotify does have Led Zeppelin now. You’ll want to grab a subscription if you don’t have one already.

10. Yahoo Weather (Free) – A weather app? Yeah, a weather app. Yahoo Weather features gorgeous full-screen visuals catered to your location sourced from its vast Flickr stores. It’s a truly pleasant way to glean the weather forecast each day.

The list isn’t exhaustive (so share your personal suggestions in the comments), but it will get you started on your iPad with a wide variety of creative and entertaining offerings.

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